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Our goal is to provide owners with carefree management by offering a myriad of services that encompass all aspects of investment ownership. We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible. We work tirelessly to earn and maintain the trust of every client.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."


Our white label program allows you to showcase your brand. We’ll incorporate your branding into our marketing materials, keeping you front and center while we work for your clients in the background.

Website Design

Marketing Materials

Revenue building

We’ll deliver our property management services to you for a discounted monthly management fee of 5%. You can then add an additional 1-2% to provide you with a positive revenue stream while remaining in line with our standard service pricing.


Our client referral program is simple. Refer a client to us. If they sign a property management agreement with Almega, we’ll reward you with a gift certificate equal to that client’s monthly management fee. Of course, we’ll refer that client back to you when they’re ready to sell their property or are interested in acquiring new properties. It’s a win-win!


Marketing Your Listing

Only doing leasing to please your client? No worries. We can assist with your leasing and act as the listing and showing agent with our internal leasing team.

Property Management Service

You and your clients receive the complete extent of our management services; leasing, rent collection, LTB compliance, insurance, trade coordination and much more!

Integration With Your Brand

White labelling our marketing materials to be in line with your look and feel and customizing your webpage to include our array our management services.

Competitive Rates

We provide you a discounted all-inclusive rate making our management service the most competitive service-to-price offering on the market.

Discover the Power of Partnership

Being able to offer our industry leading property management service to your clients is an easy way for you to stand above the crowd.

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